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DoD Reverses Decision on Rejected SBIR Proposals

Updated February 26, 2003

After careful deliberation of all factors, the DoD has reversed their January 23, 2003 decision to not accept proposals that were blocked by their trouble laden submission web site on the SBIR deadline date of January 15, 2003. In filing a formal request to the General Accounting Office (GAO) to dismiss the remaining bid protests, the Air Force, speaking for the DoD, provided a course of corrective action that would be undertaken by the DoD.

The complete details of this corrective action will be made public soon. What is known is that it will be inclusive of reopening the submission process for a period of time long enough to resolve the situation. The DoD SBIR program managers will be having a meeting on Thursday, February 27, at which time they are expected to finalize their plans for remediation. The results should be posted on the DoD SBIR web site and will be posted here on the SBIR Gateway.

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