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NSF SBIR/STTR EO Topics for FY-2008
September 5, 2007

BE. Bio and Environmental Technologies

Only proposals in the following Bio and Environmental Technologies subtopic areas will be supported:

1. Applied biotechnology

a. Environmental biotechnology

b. Agricultural biotechnology

c. Food biotechnology

d. Marine and aquatic biotechnology

2. Biomedical sensors and/or biosensors

3. Bioenergy

4. Sustainable technologies for green-manufacturing

a. Waste-reduction

b. Waste utilization

c. Waste treatment

d. Waste abatement

5. Bio-based materials

6. Biomedical technologies

a. Diagnostics

b. Drug delivery

c. Tissue engineering and/or repair

d. Biofilms

e. Biomedical devices

7. Genomics, proteomics, metabolomics or bioinformatics

Please direct inquiries for the Bio and Environmental Technology subtopics via email to:

Thomas Allnutt: [email protected]

CS. Components and Systems

Only proposals in the following Components and Systems subtopic areas will be supported:

1. Sensors for

a. Smart infrastructure

b. Transportation

c. Environmental sensing

d. Detection of and/or countermeasures to Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs)

2. Wireless and wireless-supporting technologies

a. Medical applications

b. Smart antenna systems

c. RF components

d. Tools for wireless device design

3. Novel chip architectures

4. Optical technologies

a. Data storage

b. Photovoltaic cells and/or concentrators

c. Low power flexible displays

d. Organic light emitting diodes

5. Energy

a. Scavenging/harvesting components or systems for portable/remote devices

b. New energy storage technologies

6. Innovative approaches to robotic technologies

a. Sensing

b. Perception

c. Actuation

d. Vision

e. Devices that provide new capabilities to medical professionals

f. Systems to extend human capabilities into hazardous environments

7. Innovative photolithography techniques for semiconductor manufacturing

8. Novel integration of semiconductor components and/or devices into systems

9. Nanotechnology

a. Novel production or uses of nanowires

b. Novel production or uses of nanotubes

c. Quantum dot manufacturing

10. Assistive technologies for those with disabilities

a. Cognitive and/or learning

b. Other physical disabilities such as motor related, vision- or hearing impaired

Please direct inquiries for the Components and Systems via email to:

Murali Nair [email protected]

SS. Software and Services

Only proposals in the following Software and Services subtopic areas will be supported:

1. Knowledge discovery (including search), data management and/or visualization

2. Web services architectures

3. Digital arts

4. Virtual/Mixed reality applications

5. Broadband-enabled applications

6. Peer-To-Peer (P2P) applications

7. Tools that enable user-generated content

8. Personalized user services including location-based

9. Collaboration-enabled applications

10. Virtualization

11. Human Computer Interface (HCI)

a. Application for human-computer interfaces employing speech, touch, vision or biometric technologies

b. Natural Language Processing (NLP) including language translation or multi-language interfaces

c. Spoken language systems – Conversational dialog management, semantic language analysis or interpretation

d. Real- or non- real time machine learning and/or statistical-based algorithms

12. Adaptive manufacturing

a. Data mining for manufacturing system analysis

b. Tools for real-time self-correcting manufacturing

c. Intelligent control of manufacturing processes

d. Intelligent process modeling and/or machine diagnostics

13. Simulation for manufacturing

a. Leveraging multi-processor/multi-core environments

b. Predictive modeling (material characteristics, material response, work-piece quality characteristics, tooling or machine tool performance)

c. Virtual reality-based simulation environment (the development of innovative virtual-reality based immersive simulation technologies that will improve manufacturing processes; e.g. simulation environments with human- and hardware-in-the-loop capabilities)

d. Discrete event simulation of manufacturing systems

Please direct inquiries for the Software and Services via email to:

Errol Arkilic [email protected]

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