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October 22, 2010

  • Ontologies for Modeling Enterprise Level Security Metrics
  • Instrument for Characterization of Environmental Soot Aggregates
  • Instrument for Detection of Inhaler Dose Concentration
  • mm-Wave Phase Noise Measurement System Using Photonic Delay-Line
  • High-accuracy relative angle monitoring apparatus
  • Real-time intensity monitoring of laboratory X-ray sources
  • Electrical Connectors for Millimeter-Wave Instrumentation
  • Standard OWL Reasoning Support for Physical Quantities and Units
  • Development of an SCAP Content Creation Tool
  • Non-contact microwave measurement of electrical properties of nanofiber materials
  • An Automated Test-bed for Assessing System-of-System (SoS) Assurance
  • Cloud Computing Security Discriminators
  • Monitoring for Complex Information Systems
  • Environmental Chambers for an Integrating Sphere-based Weathering Device
  • Calibration of Critical Dimension Scanning Electron Microscopes
  • RFID-Integrated Sensor Networks
  • Sustainable Manufacturing Maturity Model Development
  • Dynamic Six Degree of Freedom (6DOF) Vision System
  • Development of anion exchange resins for chirality-based separation of single walled carbon nanotubes
  • 3D Tip Characterization and Surface Reconstruction voiding
  • Ultrafast Optical Detector at 1550 nm
  • Orientation-Patterned Gallium Arsenide
  • Decision support tools for Sustainable Manufacturing
  • A Common Platform for Microrobotics Research
  • Semi-Autonomous, Articulated Forklift (SAAF) in Close Proximity to Workers
  • Parallel Signal-Processing System for High-Resolution Tomography
  • High-Efficiency Visible Light Photon Counters
  • High-Resolution Optical Pulse Shaper
  • Disassembly Model and Analysis Tools for End-of-service Life Product Treatment
  • Sustainability Performance Analysis Tools for Evaluating Manufacturing Processes
  • Production of ISMRM/NIST MRI Calibration Phantoms voiding
  • Signal Processing Methods for High-Dimensional Microsensor Data Streams
  • Development of a MEMS Oscillatory Parallel-Plate Rheometer
  • Micro-cruciform tensile stage for XRD and SEM/EBSD

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