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Proposed NIST SBIR TOPICS for FY-2008
September 20, 2007

  • Efficient Low-Dark-Count Detector for Photon Counting
  • Multiple Polytype SiC Nanowire Fabrication Process and Equipment Development
  • Data Management and Visualization Techniques for Improving Cyber Security
  • Quantitative Network Security Analysis High Power
  • Mid-Infrared Fiber Supercontinuum Light Source
  • Digital Signal Processing for 1 to 10 MHz X-ray Event Streams High Spectral Purity
  • Millimeter-Wavelength (W-band) Oscillator
  • Contactless Conductivity Detector for Temperature Gradient Focusing
  • Resistance Bridges for High-Accuracy Thermometry
  • Compact, Frequency-Stable,and Efficient High-Power Laser Sources
  • One PicoTesla Magnetic Field Detection by Magnetoresistive Sensors for Homeland Security
  • U.S. Extreme Extratropical and Thunderstorm Wind Climatology
  • Validation tools for OWL Based Supply Chain Integration
  • Shortwave Infrared Camera for Thermal Imaging
  • Barrier Fabrics for Fire Safe Furniture and Mattresses
  • Innovative Fire Measurements
  • Cryogenics for Kilopixel Sensor Arrays
  • Digital Pulse Processing for Multiplexed Microcalorimeter Arrays
  • Enacting Workflow using Role Based Access Control
  • Massively Parallel High Temperature Probe Card for Wafer-Level Reliability Testing
  • Multiple Contact Nano-Probes for GHz to THz Electrical and Optical Characterization
  • Time Synchronization of Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Wavelength Conversion Single-Photon-Detector for Telecom Wavelength Transmission
  • Broadband Reflective Optical Coatings with Tailored Dispersion
  • High-Resolution Solid Etalon Spectral Dispersers
  • High-Bandwidth
  • Low-Noise Photodetectors for Precise Timing
  • Elevated Temperature Quartz Crystal Microbalances for Nanoanalysis
  • Innovative Residential Fire Detection
  • Multijunction Thermal Converters for Precision Radio-Frequency Metrology
  • Perfect Quantum Efficiency Matched Pair Photodiodes
  • Low-Loss in-Fiber Optical filter at 860 nm
  • 3D Laser Interferometer for Nanometrology.

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