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NIH SBIR 2014-1 Contracts Presolicitation
August 20, 2013

The following are proposed topic areas for the NIH 2014-1 SBIR Contracts Solicitation.


National Cancer Institute (NCI):

  • Development of Novel Therapeutic Agents that Target Cancer Stem Cells;
  • Reformulation of Failed Chemotherapeutic Drugs;
  • Validation of 3D Human Tissue Culture Systems that Mimic the Tumor Microenvironment;
  • Proteomic Analysis of Single Cells Isolated from Solid Tumors;
  • Generation of Site-Specific Phospho-Threonine Protein Standards for use in Cancer Assays;
  • Development of a Biosensor-Based Core Needle Tumor Biopsy Device;
  • Development of Radiation Modulators for Use During Radiotherapy;
  • Software Tools for the Development of Environmental Measures Related to Cancer Health Behaviors and Resources.

National Center For Advancing Translational Sciences (NCATS):

  • Development of Biomarkers for Rare Diseases as Endpoints for Clinical Trial Measurements;
  • Development of Neurocognitive Pediatric Tools for Measuring and Analyzing Clinical Study Endpoints in Rare Neurocognitive Disorders;
  • Exploring the Potential of CRISPR/CAS Genome-editing Tools;
  • Droplet Detection System.
National Heart, Lung And Blood Institute (NHLBI):
  • Passive MRI Cardiovascular Guidewire;
  • MRI Myocardial Needle Injection Catheter;
  • Transcatheter Pulmonary Artery Resist;
  • Value of Information Models for Clinical Trial Assessment;
  • Development of Molecular Imaging Agents and Methods to Detect High Risk Atherosclerotic Plaque;
  • Tools for Educating Children About Clinical Research.

National Institute On Aging (NIA):

  • Development of Calorie-restricted and Nutrient-balanced Medicinal Food Products for Mitigation of Age-related Diseases or Conditions.
National Institute On Alcohol Abuse And Alcoholism (NIAAA):
  • Development of a Database of Non-English Measures and Instruments for Use in Alcohol Research.
National Institute Of Allergy And Infectious Diseases (NIAID):
  • Biomedical Methods To Quantify Adherence To Prevention Clinical Trial Study Products and Strategies;
  • Simple, Inexpensive Assay for Five Common HIV Resistance Mutations;
  • Capreomycin:
  • Formulation for Oral Delivery;
  • Adjuvant Development.
National Institute On Drug Abuse (NIDA):
  • Web Resource System for Prescription Drug Providers, Researchers and Users:
  • The Prescription Drug Abuse Policy System (PDAPS);
  • Technological Tools to Facilitate Implementation of Evidence-Based Substance Abuse Prevention Interventions among the Military;
  • Products to Prevent (Lethal) Drug-induced Respiratory Depression;
  • Bundled Service for Designing Methodologically Rigorous Animal Studies;
  • Affordable Care Act (ACA) Web Platform to Integrate Behavioral Health & Prevention with Primary Care.


Center For Global Health (GCH):

  • Development of Novel Malaria Parasite Metabolite-based Non-invasive Diagnostic Biosensor.
National Center On Birth Defects And Developmental Disabilities (NCBDDD):
  • Developing Rapid Test for the Diagnosis of Sickle Cell Disease;
  • Development of Rapid, Point-of-care Tests for Cytomegalovirus (CMV);
  • Nutrition Support for Group Homes Serving Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities.

National Center For Chronic Disease Prevention And Health Promotion (NCCDPHP):

  • Promoting Regular Physical Activity for Older Adults through "Wayfinding" Technology;
  • Development of Pills or Tablets to Expedite Water Fluoridation;
  • Application for Improving Embryo Transfer Practices at Fertility Clinics.

National Center For Emerging Zoonotic And Infectious Diseases (NCEZID):

  • Distinguishing Infection, Colonization, and Recurrence in Patients with Clostridium difficile;
  • Development of Reagents for Diagnosis of Fungal Infections in Formalin-fixed Paraffinized (FFPE) Tissue Blocks;
  • Rapid Detection of Endemic Fungal Infections in the United States;
  • Development of Anti-Japanese Encephalitis Virus Human Monoclonal Antibodies Using Humanized Rodent Models;
  • Formulation of Nootkatone in Soaps and Lotions for Lyme Disease Prevention.

National Center For HIV/AIDs, Viral Hepatitis, STD, AND TB Prevention (NCHHSTP):

  • Development of a Rapid Test for Detection Hepatitis C Core Antigen in Clinical Samples;
  • Development of a Laboratory Test for Detection of Serum Biomarkers Associated with Hepatocellular Carcinoma;
  • The Innovative Delivery of Confidential Medical Information;
  • Development of a Mobile Application for Homeless Youth and Providers;
  • Leveraging Technology to Prevent STIs Using High-Intensity Behavioral Counseling;
  • Assessing the Feasibility of e-measure Adoption in an EHR Environment.

National Center For Immunization And Respiratory Diseases (NCIRD):

  • Thermostable Dry Vaccine Formulation for Microneedle Administration;
  • Development of Anti-diphtheria Antibodies for Use in Humans.

Office Of Public Health Preparedness And Response (OPHPR):

  • "Plug and Play" Global Health Security Initiative (GHSI) Response Tool;
  • Improved Rapid Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing from Primary Specimens.

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