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DOE Proposed SBIR/STTR Topics for FY-2009
August 28, 2008

Note:  Titles and the order in which they are listed are subject to change.

    1. Technology to Support BES User Facilities
    2. Accelerator Technologies for Present and Future Accelerator Facilities
    3. Instrumentation for Electron Microscopy and Scanning Probe Microscopy
    4. Instrumentation for Materials Research Using Synchrotron Radiation
    5. Advanced Coal Research
    6. Solid State Lighting
    7. Advanced Materials and Technologies for Cooling and Waste Heat Recovery
    8. Energy Efficient Membranes
    9. Catalysis
    10. Nanotechnology
    11. Materials for Nuclear Energy Systems
    12. Advanced Battery Development
    13. Energy Savings Technologies for Commodity Manufacturing Industries
    14. Increasing Efficiency in Traditional Lighting Technologies
    15. Production of Biofuels from Biomass
    16. Advanced Water Power Technology Development
    17. Wind Energy Technology Development
    18. Geothermal Technologies
    19. Hydrogen, Fuel Cells, and Infrastructure Technologies
    20. Solar Energy
    21. Technologies Related to Energy Storage for Hybrid and Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles
    22. Climate Control Technology for Fossil Energy Applications
    23. Oil and Gas Technologies
    24. Coal Gasification Technologies
    25. Use of Algae for Fuels Production
    26. Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Technology for Coal-Based Power Plants
    27. Advanced Turbine Technology for IGCC Power Plants
    28. Sensors and Controls for Fossil Energy Power Generation Systems
    29. High Performance Materials for Fossil Energy Power Generation Systems
    30. High Energy Physics Data Acquisition and Processing
    31. High Energy Physics Detectors
    32. High-Field Superconductor and Superconducting Magnet Technologies for High Energy Particle Colliders
    33. Accelerator Technology for the International Linear Collider
    34. Advanced Concepts and Technology for High Energy Accelerators
    35. Radio Frequency Accelerator Technology for High Energy Accelerators and Colliders
    36. Medical Sciences
    37. Genomes-to-Life (GTL) and Related Biotechnologies
    38. Technologies for Subsurface Characterization and Monitoring
    39. Carbon Cycle Measurements of the Atmosphere and the Biosphere
    40. Atmospheric Measurement Technology
    41. Enhancing Availability of Climate Model Output
    42. Nuclear Physics Accelerator Technology
    43. Nuclear Physics Software and Data Management
    44. Nuclear Physics Electronics Design and Fabrication
    45. Nuclear Physics Instrumentation, Detection Systems and Techniques
    46. Software Libraries and Applications Maintenance and Scaling to Petascale
    47. Scientific Visualization and Data Understanding
    48. High Performance Networks
    49. Scalable System Software for Petascale Computer Systems
    50. Advanced Technologies and Materials for Fusion Energy Systems Plasma Facing
    51. Fusion Science and Technology
    52. High Energy Density Physics for Inertial Fusion Energy
    53. Remote Sensing
    54. Alternative Radiological Sources
    55. Simulation and Software Tools For Nonproliferation R&D
    56. Seismic Signal Analysis
    57. Advanced Technologies for Electricity Systems
    58. Search, Discovery, and Communication of Scientific and Technical Knowledge in Distributed Systems
    59. Improved Characterization of Waste in Tanks and Ancillary Piping
    60. Advanced Technologies for Nuclear Energy

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