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Proposed DHS S&T SBIR TOPICS for FY-2009.2
May 1, 2009

  • H-SB09.2-001 Mobile General Aviation (GA) Aircraft Screener

  • H-SB09.2-002 Human-Animal Discrimination Capability for Unattended Ground Sensors

  • H-SB09.2-003 Novel Techniques to Culture Fastidious Bacterial Biological Threat Agents (BTAs) from Limited Forensic Samples

  • H-SB09.2-004 Software Testing and Vulnerability Analysis

  • H-SB09.2-005 Novel Diagnostic Imaging System

  • H-SB09.2-006 Noise Cancellation for Voice Operated Switch (VOX) Communications

  • H-SB09.2-007 Enhancing Training Effectiveness through Cognitive State Assessment

  • H-SB09.2-008 Wearable Energy to Power and Operate Responder Tools (Wearable EPORT)

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