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Search for Past SBIR/STTR Award Winners
1983 - 2014

Updated May 2015

Searching for SBIR/STTR award winners can be a daunting task. Each agency is tasked with reporting their winners and ultimately providing data to the SBA. Some agencies have a searchable database while others have only textual lists with limited information.

If your needs require expanded awards data, statistical information, or multi-agency data, the choices for obtaining this information becomes limited. The SBIR Gateway recommends three major sources for researching past SBIR/STTR Award Winners. They are: - SBA's Official SBIR/STTR Database, complete with statistics by year and state, and searchable by keyword.

In-Know-Vation SBIR TechBase - This commercial site (Innovation Development Institute) is the creation of Ann Eskesen, well known SBIR pioneer, expert and advocate. A good portion of their award database is free of charge but you must register on their site. There is also a reasonably priced paid subscription service for those who require access to the more detailed information areas of this comprehensive SBIR/STTR awards database.
   Plus Factors:
The one of the most comprehensive and up-to-date SBIR awards database available. The data search engine has a wide variety of search options.
   Minus Factors:   Complex web site and interface requires thought and understanding to harness its power. Registration is required even for free access.

SBA TechNet Database - This is the former official federal government SBIR/STTR database.
   Plus Factors: The data search engine has a wide variety of search options for creating reports and finding data from many fields.
   Minus Factors:   The data is not up-to-date.