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HSARPA Releases Rapid Technology Application Program Broad Agency Announcement
RTAP BAA 05-10
November 29, 2005

Although this is not SBIR, the HSARPA Program Manager for this RTAP offering is none other than Maurice Swinton, former SBA Office of Technology administrator. Many of you know and remember Swinton as a great champion of SBIR and small business, and he still is! Swinton believes there is a great deal of potential for small business to partner in this RTAP offering.

HSARPA has just released their long awaited RTAP BAA that initiates their Rapid Technology Application Program (RTAP) to meet the expressed rapid technology development needs of emergency responders and internal DHS customers. The RTAP will facilitate a number of HSARPA’s goals, including:

  • Fulfilling the expressed needs of emergency responders and internal DHS customers for rapid prototype technology developments

  • Producing advanced technology prototypes 6-18 months after award of contracts

In this solicitation HSARPA is soliciting white papers and proposals for the rapid prototyping of systems in the following seven specific technical fields: Explosive Countermeasures, Biological Countermeasures, Chemical Countermeasures, Information Technology – Geospatial, Information Technology – Information Sharing, Electronics and Hardware, and Cyber Security. There are a total of 22 topics presented under the technical fields mentioned. Proposals should not exceed $2 million for the base effort.

This is NOT a small business set aside. Offerors may include single entities or teams from private sector organizations, federal government laboratories,(except 10 DOE national labs), Federally Funded Research and Development Centers (FFRDCs), and academic institutions.

In all likelihood a small business can't do this on their own BUT HSARPA loves partnering/teaming. In fact, HSARPA has a special web site (a teaming portal) where you can register and list your expertise and areas of expertise you may need in order to attract a partner.

Mandatory white papers are due by January 3, 2006 and proposals must be submitted by March 6, 2006. Offerors are required to register online, using the HSARPA BAA Website at, prior to submitting a mandatory white paper. Complete details and instructions for registration are provided on the website.

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