SBIR Policy Directive 2012
IV. Request for Comments
[Updated 8/6/12]

SBA was required by the Reauthorization Act to publish the final directive within a short timeframe. As a result, SBA was unable to gather public input prior to drafting these provisions, although SBA did work with the various SBIR participating agencies to gather input and feedback on these provisions. SBA therefore requests comments on all matters addressed relating to implementation of the Reauthorization Act. SBA will review and consider all comments received to determine whether amendments are needed to improve the general conduct of the SBIR Program.

Notice of Final Policy Directive; Small Business Innovation Research Program

To: The Small Business Innovation Research Program Managers

Subject: SBIR/STTR Reauthorization Act of 2011 (Reauthorization Act)-- Amendments to the Small Business Innovation Research Program

1. Purpose. The purpose of this notice is to set forth a final SBIR Policy Directive, which incorporates recent amendments made to the Small Business Act by the SBIR/STTR Reauthorization Act of 2011.

2. Authority. Section 9(j)(3) of the Small Business Act (15 U.S.C.638(j)) requires the Administrator of the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) to issue an SBIR Program Policy Directive for the general conduct of the SBIR Program. Further, section 5151 of the Reauthorization Act requires the SBA to issue a final directive, incorporating the Reauthorization Act's amendments within 180 days after its enactment.

3. Procurement Regulations. It is recognized that the Federal Acquisition Regulations and agency supplemental regulations may need to be modified to conform to the requirements of the final Policy Directive. SBA's Administrator or designee must review and concur with any regulatory provisions that pertain to areas of SBA responsibility. SBA's Office of Technology coordinates such regulatory actions.

4. Personnel Concerned. This Policy Directive serves as guidance for all federal government personnel who are involved in the administration of the SBIR Program, issuance and management of Funding Agreements or contracts pursuant to the SBIR Program, and the establishment of goals for small business concerns in research or research and development acquisition or grants.

5. Originator. SBA's Office of Technology.

6. Date. The policy directive is effective on the date of publication in the Federal Register. Agencies are not required to, but can amend, an SBIR solicitation that was issued on or before the date of this Policy Directive to address these new requirements. Further, public comment may be submitted for 60 days following publication in the Federal Register.

Authorized By:
Sean Greene,
Associate Administrator for the Office of Investment and Innovation
Small Business Administration.
Dated: July 19, 2012.
Karen G. Mills,