SBIR Policy Directive 2012
III. Amendments
J. Section 11--Responsibilities of SBA
[Updated 8/6/12]

SBA has amended this section of the directive to incorporate some new responsibilities of SBA and to include many responsibilities and activities SBA has undertaken over the last several years with respect to the program. These areas of responsibility include: (1) Policy, outreach, collection and publication of data; (2) monitoring implementation of the program and reporting to Congress; and (3) additional efforts to improve performance.

First and most obvious, is that SBA is responsible for establishing the policies and procedures for the program by publishing and updating the SBIR Policy Directive and promulgating regulations. As discussed above, SBA is also responsible for issuing waivers.

SBA also conducts outreach to achieve a number of objectives including educating the public and the agencies about the SBIR Program, highlighting successful SBC achievements, and maintaining Similarly, SBA must collect and maintain program-wide data within the Tech-Net data system (available at This data includes information on all Phase I and II awards from across all SBIR participating agencies, as well as Fiscal Year Annual Report data.

SBA also provides oversight and monitors the implementation of the SBIR Program. This includes monitoring agency SBIR funding allocations and program solicitation and awards as well as ensuring each participating agency has taken steps to maintain a fraud, waste and abuse prevention system to minimize its impact on the program.

SBA is also responsible for defining areas of performance consistent with statute (e.g., timelines for award, simplification of SBIR application process) and defining metrics against that performance. SBA will therefore measure performance against goals set by the SBIR agencies. The purpose of these performance metrics and goals is to evaluate and report on the progress achieved by the agencies in improving the SBIR Program. SBA discusses in detail the performance metrics and goals in section 10(i) of the directive.

In addition to the above, SBA continuously seeks to improve the performance of the program and will make recommendations and modifications for such improvement. This may include sharing and recommending agency ``best practices'' and other program-wide initiatives.

All of these SBA responsibilities are set forth in section 11 of the directive.

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