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Proposed NIST SBIR Topics for FY-2006
October 13, 2005

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  1. Development of a Large-Area Solar Simulator using Light Emitting Diodes
  2. Development and Manufacture of High-Efficiency, Low-Dark-Count Detectors for IR Photon Counting
  3. Gigabit/second Random Number Generators
  4. Applying AI Tools and Techniques to the Real-Time Control of Intelligent Systems
  5. Imaging Variable Kinetic Energy (0.1 to 8 KeV) Electron Analyzer
  6. Vibration Detection for the Suppression of PM Noise
  7. Multiple Contact Nano-probes for Electrical and Optical characterization
  8. Spatial Light Modulators for Programmable Spectral Projectors
  9. Commercially-Available Electrically Substituted Bolometer
  10. Emergency Beacon for First Responder Radios
  11. High Performance NIR Array Detectors for Advanced Sensors
  12. Broadly-Tunable CW Terahertz Single-Port Source
  13. Emergency-Vehicle Electrical System Conducted-Interference Test System
  14. Reference Flat Pulse Generator
  15. 40 Gb/sec Bitstream Generator
  16. RFID-Based Supply Chain Optimization and Simulation
  17. Ideal Liquid Optical Particle Sensor
  18. Wide-Bandgap Photodiodes for Extreme Ultraviolet Radiation
  19. High-Speed Non-Contact Thermography
  20. DC Substitution Microwave Power Detectors

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