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EPA FY-2005 SBIR Topics for Solicitation #PR-NC-05-10246

A. Management of Poultry and Other Animal Feeding Operations;

B. Drinking Water and Detection of Lead Service Lines;

C. Pollution Indicators for Beaches and Recreational Waters;

D. In-Situ Cleanup of Contaminated Sediments;

E. Management of Wastes from Hard-Rock and Coal Mining;

F. Monitoring and Control of Air Pollution;

G. Environmental Protection of Tribal Reservations and Alaska Native Villages;

H. Reducing Low Level Area-Wide Soil Contamination;

I. Alaska Oil and Gas Management Tools;

J. Hazardous Waste Management;

K. Hazardous Waste Monitoring;

L. Solid Waste Recycling;

M. Waste Gasification;

N. Innovation in Manufacturing;

O. Nanomaterials;

P. Pollution Prevention;

Q. Water and Wastewater Management;

R. Green Buildings;

S. Safe Buildings;

T. Drinking Water and Wastewater Security; and

U. Computational Toxicology.

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